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An ancient “Borgo” in the heart of Chianti, was the perfect scenario of the crowning of the love of Davide and Viviana. Family and friends from all over Italy, gathered for a 3-day celebration in the heart of Tuscany.
A warm sun and a clear sky awakened everyone, with the warm colors of September.
The ancient church of S.M. Novella is a small church located on a gentle hill overlooking the vineyards of Radda in Chianti surrounded by ancient vineyards. The landscape is breathtaking! The Catholic ceremony took place between emotion and felt transport by all, and a cascade of olive leaves covered the bride and groom as they left the church.
Guests had reached the Villa of Castelvecchi, where a vintage caravan was waiting for them at the entrance of the garden, for a welcome drink.
The village square has changed its look by hosting the evening reception, with a romantic and bucolic style, by candlelight.
Viviana, the bride, wanted to create a surprise effect for her husband by adding a luminous writing on the ancient wall of the little square, bearing the phrase “Drunk in Love”.
Many details have distinguished this wedding, from the personalized menus with origami effect, to the romantic corner reserved for illuminated mirrors with a blaze of candles for the moment of sweet tables.